Revaginal Vaginal Wash

Typology: Vaginal wash
Keywords: Periodic Hygiene in case of vaginal dryness

Revaginal vaginal wash, a protective preparation for the vaginal mucosa, is a medical device containing Hyaluronic Acid, a polysaccharide already present in human tissues that, thanks to its film-forming and protective properties favors a natural process of cellular regeneration. Useful in cases of vaginal dryness, Revaginal contains Hyaluronic Acid of low molecular weight and low viscosity.

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Hyaluronic acid carries out a moisturizing and lubricating action against vaginal dryness improving the natural secretion for the wellness of the delicate ecosystem vulvar.

How to use

An irrigation a day or every two days, depending on the severity of the condition, even in the presence of inflammation and irritation of the vaginal mucosa.

Shake before use.


Based on hydrogen peroxide, lactic acid and jaluronic acid.

Product presentation

4 bottles of 30 ml prepared solutions with 4 monouse cannula