Revaginal Gel

Typology: Gel
Keywords: Vaginal dryness

Revaginal gel is a vaginal gel effective in the prevention and treatment of symptoms related to vaginal dryness as irritation, burning and itching. pH 4.5 gel formulation that thanks to the properties of its functional components, together with vegetable extracts, exerts a moisturizing, refreshing and lenitive action on the vaginal affected are with a persisting and prolonged effect.

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Extracts of Ribes nigrum, Lavandula angustifolia, Chamomilla recutita and Calendula officinalis in the product, together with Aloe, are useful in combating many vaginal annoyances, exert a refreshing and lenitive action useful to restore a natural and pleasant vaginal environment.

Hyaluronic acid, carries out a moisturizing and lubricating action against vaginal dryness improving the natural secretion for the wellness of the delicate ecosystem vulvar.

Lactic acid, a component normally present in the vagina, favors an immediate correction of the pH and facilitates the natural growth of lactobacilli of the vaginal flora

How to use

Wash hands thoroughly before applying the gel on the private parts. Apply a small amount of gel on the affected area, massage gently. Close the tube after use.


Product based on Aloe, sodium hyaluronate, lactic acid and plant extracts.

Product presentation

Gel in a 30ml plastic bottle” con “gel in tube of 30 ml