Siano – “The School in Health” Project

“The School in Health” Project

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September 23, Siano

We are pleased to publish some photos of the “School of Health” conference, held on Sept. 23, in Siano, in collaboration with the ASD School of Siano, the University of Salerno, the University of Naples and co-sponsored by the Campania Region.

We thank the Dr. Antonio Di Filippo, for organizing the conference and for being involved in this beautiful event, Professor Nunzia Maiello, professor of pediatric allergology at the University of Naples, for his welcome and interesting intervention, but especially thank the children, parents and the teachers who intervened to communicate their enthusiasm.

We are firmly convinced that no medicine is more powerful than culture and that there is no better culture than that spread to our children and young people.



Photo – Prof. Nunzia Maiello and Dr. Antonio Di Filippo with two collaborators of “The School in Health” Project


Photo – Prof. Nunzia Maiello and Dr. Antonio Di Filippo


Photo – The speech of Prof. Nunzia Maiello 


Photo – The speech of Dr. Di Filippo


Photo (Left to right) – Prof. Nunzia Maiello, Dr. Francesca Cerrone (Pj Pharma’s Product Specialist), Dr. Di Filippo and Dr. Mainolfi (Pj Pharma’s Field Manager)



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