Typology: Food supplement – Orosoluble tablets

Keywords: Quatrefolic® – Folic acid

Quatrefol is a food supplement based on Folic acid from Quatrefolic®. It’s indicated during pregnancy and lactation to give maximum support to the pregnant woman and the growing fetus, all while maintaining an orosoluble formulation that improves its absorption.

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Food supplement based on folic acid from Quatrefolic®.


  • In pregnancy and lactation as an important support for the woman and the fetus during growth;
  • In the case of diseases due to a folate deficiency such as hyperhomocysteinemia, anemia, etc.;

How to use

It’s recommended to take 1 tablet a day


Product based on folic acid from Quatrefolic®.

Product presentation

Quatrefol is supplied in a pack of the 30 orosoluble tablets